Postman: “From your pal, @niallomurchu again?”Me: “Yes, honest.”Postman: *raises eyebrows* “If undelivered, please return to Prof. I. Scratchum, North Belfast Clinic for Treatment of Tropical Sexual Diseases, XXX, British Occupied Ireland.” Me: “Thank you. See you soon.”

“Hand in hand with equal plod they go… Backs turned both bowed with equal plod they go. The child hand raised to reach the holding hand. Hold the old holding hand. Hold and be held. Plod on and never recede.” Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho#EmmetNaoise #SamuelBeckett #WorstwardHo #Ballina #InstaNovella

#Patsy or liar. You decide. Here we have the unreformable bigot, John Taylor, yet again attempting to excuse the targeting of Irish Catholic civilians in #McGurks Bar – a sectarian massacre of 15 innocents including 2 children.The coward has since deleted the tweet.Taylor’s bigotry and bile should surprise no-one as he was part and parcel of the #McGurksBar #disinformation in the aftermath of the #massacre. He failed in his attempt to criminalise our loved ones and our community then. He has failed again.It should also be remembered that Taylor was Minister of State for Home Affairs at a time when the Northern Ireland government denied the existence of organised Loyalist violence and interned Irish Catholics alone. During his tenure, militant Loyalism got a foothold in working class Protestant areas and was allowed to flourish. So his apparent support or advice for Loyalist paramilitaries today is, again, no surprise. It is unfortunate though that part of his legacy is that Loyalist paramilitaries still have a stranglehold on their own community nearly half a century later.