Previously unseen archives expose the reason for Brian Nelson’s discharge from the British Army.

The significant discoveries undermine recent reviews of the recruitment and career of Brian Nelson as a British Army agent within the Loyalist Ulster Defence Association. The secret files also raise serious questions regarding the British state’s responsibility for murder in the north of Ireland…

Read more in Trope: Essays and Articles by Ciarán MacAirt. All proceeds from the sale of the Kindle e-book go to the charity, Paper Trail, which works with victims and survivors of the conflict in the North of Ireland.

One comment on “Brian Nelson: Diminishing Responsibility?

  • […] Far from finally drawing a line around the issues connected to the murder of Pat Finucane, further research has now shown that the background given by de Silva on Brian Nelson and his work as an agent was very limited.  Nelson, the loyalist and FRU operative who provided a key link between the activities of the UDA/UFF and the tactics and strategies of the security forces, had actually been permanently discharged from the British Army for being mentally unstable in 1970. Today’s Irish News (££) has a piece by Allison Morris on how new evidence uncovered by Ciarán MacAirt has expanded on the limited information provided by de Silva (Ciarán’s full piece with more detail is here). […]

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