Chief Constable Baggott’s Statement

Below is a statement from the Chief Constable’s office forwarded to me by a BBC reporter. As far as I am aware this is it in totality. Please note that this is my own  opinion and does not represent the views of the families.

In March, following the publication of the Ombudsman’s report into the McGurk’s Bar bombing, the Chief Constable met with a number of families and their representatives to listen to their concerns. This meeting was held in private and at the request of the families we agreed not to discuss in public any details of this meeting. However, we did give an undertaking to consider the Ombudsman’s report in detail and then meet with the families again.

Over the past 3 months we have worked diligently, and the Historical Enquiries Team, who were tasked to reopen the investigation, continue with their work to ensure that all possible lines of investigation have been pursued.

Our priority remains to ensure that our investigation and analysis is carried out objectively and expeditiously. In view of the complexity of this undertaking, and the ongoing challenges for policing, this has taken some time to complete thoroughly. The Chief Constable’s offer to meet with the families on completion of this work remains open.

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