Easter Lily on the Bus

Overheard on the bus. Seriously.

“Have you got your Easter Lily yet?”

“Nah. Not yet.”


Easter Lily“You know why it’s shaped like a fanny, don’t you?”



“The Easter Lily badge. You know why it’s shaped like a fanny?”

“Shaped like a fanny? What are you talking about?”

“It’s shaped like a vagina.”


“What-ta fuck are you on about?”

“A vagina. The Easter Lily is shaped like a vagina. It’s symbolic, like. Easter… Re-birth. White… Purity. Ireland… Womanhood. Easter Rising… Birth of a nation.”


“I don’t know what fannies you’ve seen…”


“… What about the Stickies then?”


These two may not have known it, or maybe one of them did, the lily has indeed been a symbol of eroticism and sexuality since the time of ancient Greeks at least. 

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