Press Release: McGurk’s Families Attend Assembly Justice Committee

The families of those killed in the McGurk’s Bar Massacre of December 1971 are to attend today’s hearing of the Assembly Justice Committee at Stormont.

The Justice Committee will be questioning the Police Ombudsman, Al Hutchinson following a report by Michael Maguire from the Criminal Justice Inspectorate into the running of the Police Ombudman’s Office.

Robert Mc Clenaghan, on behalf of the families said:

“For many years now we have engaged with the Police Ombudman’s Office, both when it was headed by Nuala O Loan and now by Al Hutchinson. We have invested considerable amounts of time, effort and energy as we try to establish the truth about what happened in the McGurk’s Bar bombing.

Following the report of Michael Maguire our confidence, faith and trust in the Police Ombudsman’s office have been severly undermined. We have read reports of historical cases, including the McGurk’s Bar case, being changed before publication so as not to embarass the RUC. Indeed, vital intelligence was withheld from the investigating officers.

We have been left shocked and stunned by all these revelations.

Some of the families have decided to be on the steps at Stormont today (Thursday 8th) at 1.30 pm to speak to the media before going in to listen at first hand to Al Hutchinson in the Justice Committee room at 2 pm.

All media are welcome to come and ask questions.

Hopefully, the Loughinisland and Ballymurphy Massacre Families will also be there so we are not alone in demanding the truth about what has been going on in the Police Ombudsman’s Office”

For further information please ring Robert on 07752500513

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