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Titanic Towns

A day of firsts. For a start, my first cycle in Maigh Eo – from one Titanic town to another.

I pushed out to Addergoole and swept down to the shores of Conn.

I looped back to Leathardán which gave me the opportunity to stop for the first time at the memorials there.

One commemorating the great sagart, Father Ó Conaire, who fought the British in 1798. They don’t make them like that anymore.

The other commemorating the lives lost on the Titanic.

As a Belfast boy, I apologised to the shades on behalf of the bigots at Harland and Wolff who cut corners and costs by melting slag into the ship’s rivets. We now know that this sub-standard and cheap workmanship precipitated the disaster.

They don’t make them like that anymore… well we hope anyway.

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