Probably one of the most difficult pages I have had to write…


A photograph of Ciarán MacAirt.… a short bio about myself.


Sooo… I have drop-kicked the third person in favour of the first.

I was reared in north Belfast and live here today. No matter how far away I have been nor how long I stayed there, I know I am home when I see Napoleon’s Nose.

Perhaps it is little wonder that I look to the Cavehill for bearing and grounding as the family I know have lived for generations between the dockyard and its slopes. How many generations, I do not know, but I have wondered whether it is an ancient calling. Dún Mhic Airt sits atop after all…

So, for good or bad, the measure of my life can be traced along the length of the Antrim Road – although the aul’ ones might say I was “dragged up between the Circus and Grimgormley.”

I was educated in St. Malachy’s College before studying a degree at Queen’s University and a Masters at University of Ulster. Throughout, my primary ambition has been to write… but, unfortunately, I have also had to work to put bread on the table.

I had promised that my book, The McGurk’s Bar Bombing: Collusion, Cover-Up and a Campaign for Truth, would be my first and research for this has consumed much of my adult life. Too much time, many who are close to me would contend, but time that I had to spend nonetheless as it was so personal to me. The compulsion was as natural as taking a breath which is just as well as this campaign work continues to this day.

You can follow our families’ on-going campaign on our website, McGurk’s Bar.

Now that this promise has been met, I feel that I have been released to concentrate on my other writing including a novel that will be published next.

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