Ciarán MacAirt is a North Belfast boy, born and reared under Napoleon's Nose and waiting to reclaim his family's old seat at Dún Mhic Airt.

Author of the critically acclaimed book, The McGurk's Bar Bombing. His latest is called Trope: Essays and Articles.

Activist in the McGurk's Bar Campaign for Truth which goes toe-to-toe with the British state and its cover-up of the mass murder of civilians in the massacre. He also works shoulder-to-shoulder with the families of the Time for Truth Campaign.

Founder and manager of the charity, Paper Trail (Legacy Archive Research), which helps bereaved families and former combatants access historical information buried in archives.

Raider of the Lost Archives.

Trope - Collected Essays and Articles by Ciaran MacAirt


The McGurk's Bar Bombing/ Trope

Trope - Collected Essays and Articles by Ciaran MacAirt


McGurk's Bar/Time for Truth Campaign

Trope - Collected Essays and Articles by Ciaran MacAirt


Charity/Paper Trail 


"MacAirt, whose grandmother Kitty Irvine was one of those killed... has lifted the lid on Britain’s dirty war in Ireland. It is a book that must be read."

Peadar Whelan, An Phoblacht

"MacAirt applies a methodology that others would other might do well to study – roll your sleeves up, dig deep, dig smart and keep digging. As an addition to the literature it is essential reading for any serious student of the North’s recent history."

John Ó Neill, Author

"This book tells a greater truth about Britain’s shameful role in Ireland."

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, Author

"MacAirt’s place at the heart of the campaign informs this excellent account of the McGurk’s Bar atrocity."

Kieran Hughes, North Belfast News

"Greek dramatist Aeschylus claimed, ‘In war, truth is the first casualty.’ Yet thanks to determined writers like Mr. MacAirt the truths behind this particular tragedy have been resurrected."

Viv Young, Author, Screen-Writer, New York Journal of Books

"The families of the atrocity now have an excellent book written by the grandson of Kitty Irvine, who died in the attack… Ciaran’s diligence and massive research is a credit to his determination to expose the lies and criminal actions of the RUC and British Army."

Gerry O'Hare, Bobby Sands Trust

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