Books by Ciarán MacAirt include the critically acclaimed McGurk's Bar Bombing and his most recent, Trope - Essays and Articles.

The McGurk's Bar Bombing

4th December 1971. British extremists bombed McGurk's Bar, a family-run pub in North Belfast. The explosion tore through the building and killed 15 men, women and children, making it the country's most devastating massacre of innocent civilians since the Nazi Blitz a generation before. Nevertheless, these victims became the forgotten victims of a dirty war.

Before the families buried their loved ones, the British state buried the truth.

The British government, military and RUC police immediately blamed the bombing on the innocent victims and their families have fought for the truth ever since.

Trope - Essays and Articles

Trope /trəʊp/ noun, a motif; a significant or recurrent theme

One recurring theme of this collection is that war is dirty and we are diminished by the death of every victim. Another is that behind the horror, behind the terror, are human love stories but those who are left behind are starved of truth. Information is today’s battlefield and families are once more on the frontline.

But there is hope. Family memories only stretch back a couple of generations and the British state commandeers history but the truth can be discovered in archives if you dig... and keep digging.

Ciarán MacAirt is an award-winning writer and human rights activist. These essays and articles represent a personal journey and find him trudging from the killing fields of World War 1 to the back streets of Belfast where death squads prowled. Foreword by Father Sean McManus, renowned activist and author.

The author is donating ALL profits from the sale of Trope to the charity Paper Trail and its work with victims and survivors. Purchase your signed copy here >>

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McGurk's Bar Bombing - Post-Script Cover

The McGurk's Bar Bombing:    Post-Script

 Post-Script features new evidence missed by previous historic investigations… or BURIED by them. This critical information includes the discovery of a covert British military operation in the vicinity of McGurk’s Bar and collusion between the RUC police force and British Commander in charge of Belfast. We name this infamous British soldier.

McGurk's Bar Bombing Plot to Deceive Two Parliaments

The Plot to Deceive Two Parliaments

This booklet follows years of archival research and information battles against the British state.

MacAirt has uncovered proof from secret British files of a high-level, coordinated and sustained plot to deceive the two Parliaments of Stormont and Westminster about the truth of the McGurk’s Bar Massacre.

Paper Trail MRF 1 - Shooters

SHOOTERS:  Britain's Military Reaction Force

In a ground-breaking investigation, Ciarán MacAirt proves that undercover soldiers of Britain’s Military Reaction Force (MRF) murdered and attempted to murder civilians in multiple attacks in Belfast in 1972. Files on seven British ex-MRF are now with the Public Prosecution Service although none have faced British justice yet.




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