The Past and How It Impacts Upon the Present in the North of Ireland

This was a written submission to Dr Haass and Dr O’ Sullivan of NI Executive’s Panel of Parties: The Past and How It Impacts Upon the Present in the North of Ireland. You can download other papers I have written from Scribd. The McGurk’s Bar Bombing Collusion, Cover-Up and a Campaign for Truth By Ciarán […]


Tonight I learned that the one person convicted of murdering my grandmother has died.   In the coming hours and coming days some will spit words of bitterness whilst others will trumpet the life of Robert James Campbell. The death notices of killers in newspapers make for a sobering read. None of these words sit easy with me and thankfully […]

Consensus at Unionist Forum: Forget the #fleg, it’s time for truth!

The Unionist Forum has finally met in Stormont and reached consensus regarding the on-going Union flag debacle. They have been accused of a dire disconnect from their electorate but the Unionist Forum has finally found its voice and spoken as one: Forget the flag, it’s time for truth! Ian Paisley looked on disgusted though – he had […]

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Leaks, Sneaks and Corporate Memory

This features in an article by Gemma Burns of the North Belfast News 18th August 2011. I will link the full article when it is online. It regards the “leak” of the Criminal Justice Inspection report into the “independence” of the office of Police Ombudsman and the influence of those it investigates. Only in a Kafka novel or Northern […]