Britain’s Man in Maynooth

 The Irish Monsignor and the British Propagandist Whilst studying previously secret files in Kew National Archives, London, as part of my on-going research into my grandmother’s murder in the McGurk’s Bar Bombing of 4thDecember 1971, I came across a very interesting archive. At first glance it is a brief, quite non-descript information report from one […]

HET – How Little Has Changed

Last night I attended an information-sharing event in the Balmoral Hotel hosted by Relatives for Justice and attended by families whose loved ones were murdered during “the Troubles”. Specifically, under discussion – if not close scrutiny – were the Historical Enquiries Team (HET), the Office of the Police Ombudsman (OPONI) and inquests. Experiences with these as […]


Tonight I learned that the one person convicted of murdering my grandmother has died.   In the coming hours and coming days some will spit words of bitterness whilst others will trumpet the life of Robert James Campbell. The death notices of killers in newspapers make for a sobering read. None of these words sit easy with me and thankfully […]

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Press Release: CJI to investigate how PSNI deals with Ombudsman Findings

The Policing Board is to ask the Criminal Justice Inspectorate (CJI) “to carry out an investigation which will examine the relationship between the PSNI and the Police Ombudsman” following a complaint against the Chief Constable lodged on behalf of two NGOs, British Irish Rights Watch and the Pat Finucane Centre. The two Human Rights organisations had […]

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McGurk’s Bar Commemoration Committee Give Thanks

The McGurk’s Bar Commemoration Committee wish to extend their great thanks for the support that they have had in realizing Ireland’s newest piece of art, an astonishing mural-relief that recreates the actual bar. Without your help we doubt if the mammoth project could have been completed. As well as those we thanked on the night, […]

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Speech for the 40th Anniversary Commemoration

Dia daoibh agus fáilte romhaibh, welcome to the families and thank you very much for joining with them tonight to commemorate the lives of those we lost in the McGurk’s Bar Massacre, 4th December 1971. My name is Ciarán MacAirt. I am a grandson of John and Kathleen Irvine. I am especially glad to speak […]

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McGurk’s Bar: 40th Anniversary Commemoration

The families of those killed and injured in the McGurk’s Bar Massacre will be holding a a series of events to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the bombing on Saturday 3rd December (the attack occurred on Saturday 4th December 1971 though). This is a public, cross-community event so please feel free to pay us a visit […]