Colin Wallace Statement on HIA and Kincora

Statement issued by Colin Wallace following the publication of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry Report. Although I initially offered to give evidence to the Inquiry, I later decided not to, mainly on the grounds that the Government repeatedly refused to give it the same legal powers as the corresponding Inquiry in London. I believe that […]

New Lodge 6 Massacre

New Lodge 6: Assassination

New Lodge 6 Massacre The New Lodge 6 Massacre on 3rd February 1973 began with the assassination of two teenagers outside Lynch’s Bar at the top of the New Lodge Road in what seemed to be a random sectarian drive-by shooting. Secret British files, published here for the first time, provide evidence of assassination by state […]

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Secret Government Files – Protecting National Security or Hiding National Shame

Spotlight NI tonight (8th December 2015) investigates whether secret government files are hidden because of British national security or shame regarding Britain’s dirty war in the north of Ireland. The investigation features brave families whose loved ones were killed during the conflict, but whose stories have been covered up by the state for generations. They include the […]

The Past and How It Impacts Upon the Present in the North of Ireland

This was a written submission to Dr Haass and Dr O’ Sullivan of NI Executive’s Panel of Parties: The Past and How It Impacts Upon the Present in the North of Ireland. You can download other papers I have written from Scribd. The McGurk’s Bar Bombing Collusion, Cover-Up and a Campaign for Truth By Ciarán […]

HET – What Is Left?

No Faith! Here is a before and after photo from yesterday’s Policing Board meeting which affirmed that it had no faith in the Historical Enquiries Team (HET). The Board pressed the Chief Constable of the so-called “reformed” Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to suspend all HET cases which have “investigated” – for want of […]

HET – How Little Has Changed

Last night I attended an information-sharing event in the Balmoral Hotel hosted by Relatives for Justice and attended by families whose loved ones were murdered during “the Troubles”. Specifically, under discussion – if not close scrutiny – were the Historical Enquiries Team (HET), the Office of the Police Ombudsman (OPONI) and inquests. Experiences with these as […]

New Police Service, Old Story

Today is the 10th anniversary of the murder of North Belfast teenager, Gerard Lawlor, who was shot in the back as he walked home from the Bellevue Arms. He was shot for no other reason than he was a Catholic and he was a defenceless target. His killers were never charged even though their names […]

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Press Release: CJI to investigate how PSNI deals with Ombudsman Findings

The Policing Board is to ask the Criminal Justice Inspectorate (CJI) “to carry out an investigation which will examine the relationship between the PSNI and the Police Ombudsman” following a complaint against the Chief Constable lodged on behalf of two NGOs, British Irish Rights Watch and the Pat Finucane Centre. The two Human Rights organisations had […]