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Colin Wallace SLAMS Abuse Inquiry

So you think you live in a society that would never condone state cover-up of child rape and its use as a honey-pot for paedo-informants? Wrong. Colin Wallace slams the Historic Institutional Abuse Inquiry in a hard-hitting rebuttal and asks a few difficult questions – download. #Kincora: HIA report on former boys home condemned by ex-Army officer, […]

Colin Wallace Statement on HIA and Kincora

Statement issued by Colin Wallace following the publication of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry Report. Although I initially offered to give evidence to the Inquiry, I later decided not to, mainly on the grounds that the Government repeatedly refused to give it the same legal powers as the corresponding Inquiry in London. I believe that […]

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Secret Government Files – Protecting National Security or Hiding National Shame

Spotlight NI tonight (8th December 2015) investigates whether secret government files are hidden because of British national security or shame regarding Britain’s dirty war in the north of Ireland. The investigation features brave families whose loved ones were killed during the conflict, but whose stories have been covered up by the state for generations. They include the […]

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Politics, the Whore of English Language

The British media has outdone itself in its ongoing prostitution of the English language as the word “independent” rarely rings as hollow… unless, of course, the British government is involved. The British government has commissioned “an independent assessment of paramilitary organisations in Northern Ireland”, reports the BBC. The British government has announced “the creation of […]

The “Dangers” of Reading The Irish News

British soldiers faced many dangers here and reading the local Irish News was one of them it seems.   Warmongering is a grave business but names like Colonel Maurice Tugwell and Brigadier Marston Tickell still make me giggle as if they were set adrift here by Captain Pugwash. Yes, puerile, I know, and these particular […]

Brian Nelson: Diminishing Responsibility?

Previously unseen archives expose the reason for Brian Nelson’s discharge from the British Army. The significant discoveries undermine recent reviews of the recruitment and career of Brian Nelson as a British Army agent within the Loyalist Ulster Defence Association. The secret files also raise serious questions regarding the British state’s responsibility for murder in the […]

The Past and How It Impacts Upon the Present in the North of Ireland

This was a written submission to Dr Haass and Dr O’ Sullivan of NI Executive’s Panel of Parties: The Past and How It Impacts Upon the Present in the North of Ireland. You can download other papers I have written from Scribd. The McGurk’s Bar Bombing Collusion, Cover-Up and a Campaign for Truth By Ciarán […]

HET – What Is Left?

No Faith! Here is a before and after photo from yesterday’s Policing Board meeting which affirmed that it had no faith in the Historical Enquiries Team (HET). The Board pressed the Chief Constable of the so-called “reformed” Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to suspend all HET cases which have “investigated” – for want of […]

Britain’s Man in Maynooth

 The Irish Monsignor and the British Propagandist Whilst studying previously secret files in Kew National Archives, London, as part of my on-going research into my grandmother’s murder in the McGurk’s Bar Bombing of 4thDecember 1971, I came across a very interesting archive. At first glance it is a brief, quite non-descript information report from one […]